Design & Innovation


As an ISO 9001 certified company we take our manufacturing processes very seriously indeed, and it goes without saying that quality control is a fundamentally important aspect of daily workings at Hubb Systems Ltd. This starts at the early design and conceptual stages and continues right the way through to the point where the product/s have been received, fitted and used by the customer/s. By carrying out extensive in-house testing against all products produced we ensure that they are fit for purpose, and this is further supported by independent crash testing where appropriate. Our ‘Vecta Bars’, ‘Tuff Tube’ and ‘Load Lite’ are examples of where safety critical products have been 20g crash tested at Mira-Horiba Testing Facility to verify that they meet all the necessary legislative requirements.


We’re the first to recognise that we’re only as good as our latest or next range of products. By combining the very latest technologies in both design and manufacturing with creative minds, we will continue to bring you some of the most exciting, sought after products in today’s marketplace.
The earliest design stages begin on the drawing board which is very much driven by our R&D design team using the latest CAD and Solid Works software, whereupon any new product proposals are focused upon by key members within our organisation. By closely analysing their features, benefits and USP’s these are then further assessed within subsequent discussion groups, prompting 3D printing samples so that we have more tangible examples.
At this juncture, materials are evaluated, costed and sourced from potential suppliers from within the UK before going into what would be described as “measurable product trials”. This process is essential so that we can more accurately assess durability and strength, it’s practical functionality as well as corrosion resistance.
Once we are satisfied that all criteria have been surpassed we then instigate full scheduling and production whilst working closely with both packaging companies and our marketing representatives to bring you the finished product/s that you demand and deserve.


We are appreciative that no two customers are alike and are likely to have very different vehicle requirements, and that is why we are ideally placed to service these needs quickly and professionally. With over 30 years experience in this field we would work swiftly and diligently to offer you a functional, competitive solution which will exceed your expectations.