Sales of Hubb Systems’ products increased by over 40% during May 2019 and was an impressive 28% higher than its previous best trading month.
“We’re over the moon” Hubb Systems’ Managing Director, Clive Harris, explained “It just shows that we’re making a difference and if nothing else we’re giving trade partners a viable option to other providers. Choice is critical right now, and I’m so happy that trade partners are giving us this opportunity to shine”. If you’ve contributed to this impressive statistic a massive thank you for all at Hubb Systems. We couldn’t have done it without you. If for whatever reason you didn’t then we very much look forward to assisting you in June.
“It’s been a challenging 19 months” suggested Matt Todd “There have been some set-backs along the way, as you’d expect from any fledgling company competing in such a competitive environment. However, perseverance and persistence has prevailed and we’re all extremely pleased with the ground we’re gaining on our competitors. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have trusted me enough to back our cause”.