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Vecta Bar is tomorrow’s generation aerodynamic aluminium roof bar system for today’s most discerning van user. Developed and manufactured in Britain using the very latest technological advances in design, it successfully delivers the very best in strength, durability and aesthetics. Supplied, as standard, with FREE cam-buckle strap friendly, fully adjustable load stops this bar system represents unbelievable value. “Load.Lock.Go” ... it’s that simple!

Roof Bars

  • ‘Vecta Bars’ are made from superior anodised reinforced aluminium (Grade 6063) so won’t corrode.
  • Aerodynamically sloped roof bar profile deflects air to reduce wind noise & aid fuel efficiency.
  • Lightweight yet very, very strong at approx. 2 ½ kgs per bar (jnc both legs & fixings).
  • Supplied with four FREE fully adjustable load stops per roof bar system which can be used in conjunction with Hubb Systems branded 25mm cam-buckle straps (bought separately).
  • Roof bar profile has clever T-Track system allowing the use of our load stops, eye bolts, beacon brackets and other accessories.
  • Designed and Made in Britain.
  • Crash tested to 20g at Horiba-Mira Test Facility (see certification).
  • Designed to carry up to 75 ½ kgs per bar (distributed evenly and subject to ‘Vehicle Handbook’ guidelines).
  • Will readily accommodate 8ft x 4ft boards.
  • Extremely quick to fit, taking around 5 minutes per bar, as an ideal “time is money” solution.
  • Compatible with all manufacturer’s ladder clamps.
  • Spare parts are readily available during the lifetime of this product.
  • Cross member dimensions (mm): 1.3m-1.8m long (depending on vehicle) x 59mm wide x 30mm deep.
  • What makes ours a little different …

  • Roof bars have a unique double-V track system providing far greater load stop functionality & sturdiness.
  • Crown nut frame offers a massive 83 degree turning cycle providing maximum loosening and tightening capabilities
  • Reinforced Grade 6063 aluminium roof bars which is one of the strongest alloys in the 6000 series.
  • FREE load stops are specifically designed to allow the use of 25mm cam-buckle straps to further secure your load.
  • Roof bar end bungs/caps ribs are intentionally 15mm in length (see pic) to help eliminate unsightly drop out. These are far longer than many of our competitors’ versions.

Roof Bar Legs (Brackets/Foot Packs)

  • Legs are phosphated then black powder-coated to offer the very best possible anti corrosion properties.
  • Aerodynamically profiled with vertical folds for added strength whilst being pleasing to the eye.
  • Top hat designed to suit the roof bar profile with our unique “slide and lock” system utilising the inside edge of the leg profile.
  • Incorporated “top” horizontal fold which lies flat underneath the roof bar on assembly,
  • All roof bar legs are individually coded to help reduce incorrect fitment (when used in conjunction with our detailed fitting instructions).
  • All roof bar legs also have a triangular direction of travel marker which donates forward movement.
  • One bolt fixing between the roof bar and leg to improve fitting speed.
  • Only the best quality fixings used, supplied through UK suppliers.
  • Tested to provide a minimum of 1000 salt spray hours.

Leg Bracket All roof bar legs have a triangular direction of travel marker which donates forward movement

Load Stops

  • Load stops are made from 15% glass filled polypropylene ensuring that they are tough, durable and lightweight

What makes ours a little different…

  • Load stops have orange crown nuts to help visibility during the day and night.
  • Crown nut frame offers a massive 68 degree turning cycle providing maximum loosening.
  • Crown nut has a built in self-locking profile on its lower face.
  • Every roof bar system supplied with a robust metal load stop crown nut spanner for tightening/loosening which is not only easy to use but is key fob friendly to ensure it’s safe keeping.


  • Supplied in a single box* designed to keep all contents together and help ensure the safe carriage of the entire roof bar system.
  • Boxes are made from up to 70% recycled FSC accredited cardboard, which is 100% recyclable ensuring that they are environmentally friendly.
* kit size and van dependant


  • Crash test accredited to 20g at Horiba-Mira Testing Facility (see certification).
  • Hubb Systems Ltd is ISO 9001 compliant.

Fitting Times (based upon in-house testing)

Approx 5-25 mins depending on vehicle size & number of roof bars. No drilling required.

Approx 3-15 mins depending on vehicle size & number of roof bars. No drilling required.

Product warranty

  • 3 years (subject to Hubb Systems Ltd ‘Terms & Conditions’ and completion of the online ‘Warranty Registration Form’).

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