Loading & unloading just got easier, quicker & safer

The Vecta Roll rear roller system attaches to the rear most roof bar, offering the user a convenient and safer way of loading or unloading, whilst also protecting the rear of the vehicle. It’s novel ‘wrap around’ design ensures that it’s fitted in the quickest time possible.

Rear Roller

  • Contemporary design which is not only pleasing to the eye but also fully functional.
  • 38mm diameter stainless steel vehicle specific roller bar offering strength (up to 50kgs) and excellent anti-corrosion properties.
  • Roller arm has clever “wrap around” system which fits snuggly to the rear roof bar for the quickest possible fitment & maximum stability.
  • Phosphated steel roller arms which have been black powder-coated for maximum weather protection.
  • Supplied with M10 adjustable support feet to allow for the optimum positioning.
  • Roller arm supports also supplied with plastic foot pads.
  • Designed and Made in Britain.
  • Quick to fit, taking around 5-10 minutes depending on vehicle type.
  • Only the best possible fixings supplied with this product using UK suppliers.

What makes ours a little different …

  • Bright orange Hubb Systems logo decal along roller arms to aid visibility when loading/unloading at night.


  • Supplied in a single box designed to keep all contents together and help ensure the safe carriage of the rear roller system. (If a Vecta Roll is purchased at the same time as a Vecta Bar system then both items are dispatched together in a single box.)
  • Boxes are made from up to 70% recycled FSC accredited cardboard, which are 100% recyclable ensuring that they are environmentally friendly.


  • Hubb Systems Ltd is ISO 9001 compliant.

Compatible Products (purchased separately)

  • Hubb Systems Vecta Bar roof bar system.
  • Hubb Systems Tuff Tube 3 metre pipe carrier & pipe tubes from other manufacturers.

Fitting Times (based upon in-house testing)

Approx 10 mins depending on vehicle size. No drilling required.

Approx 5 mins depending on vehicle size. No drilling required.

Product warranty

  • 3 years (subject to Hubb Systems Ltd ‘Terms & Conditions’ and completion of the online ‘Warranty Registration Form’).